• Shadow Government

    Responsible for game server programming, server architecture, and server administration for an original social mobile game called Shadow Government. Web Services, Server Architecture, Server Administration, Game Development, Tools Development, Mobile Games Development, LAMP, Object-Oriented PHP, MYSQL, CodeIgniter, Amazon Web Services (AWS), RightScale, JSON, CRON, MVC Architecture
  • Six Foot Fish

    I am currently developing this software for iOS. Six Foot Fish is a social fishing map app, many features I am planning on adding. I am using the Parse iOS Framework for the backend needs. Some of the frameworks used are Maps, Facebook, Parse, iAd and many others. I will be blogging about my progress with this application. Thinking I still have about two weeks left to develop the additional features. I hope it will be a simple and useful application and that it is approved by Apple. Tomorrow I will be sharing what I am working on. Mainly bug fixes to have it be compatible with both iPhone 4 and 5. The target is iOS 7+.

  • Venture Arctic

    Logo design for the Venture Arctic. The ice was created using a procedural texture I designed in Maya for the type. Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Venture Arctic

    I served as technical artist, ui artist, animator and web developer for the company Pocketwatch Games. This is my reel from the game.

  • Mannahatta: The Game

    Mannahatta: The Game is a location-based game for the iPhone that maps Manhattan's historical ecosystem onto its modern day streets. Players move from block to block and gain points when they make connections between the ecological elements that used to exist in the exact same location in 1609, when Henry Hudson first set foot on the island. Working individually or as part of a team, a player must cover a wide physical territory across the city to collect points, earn badges and move to the top of the leader board. Lead Programmer on a MacArthur Foundation Grant funded iPhone web based game for mobile applications using GPS. Programmed game server and API for accessing muir web data from the Mannahatta Project. Included user account and management, leader board, block leader, linking and unlock of species in the muir web, inventory system, based on connections, achievements, goals unlocked in different zones, shared map and goals for all players in Manhatta
  • F–k the Recession

    F--K The Recession is a call to action for the New York Creative Community from Chandelier Creative, in collaboration with Parsons and Interview Magazine. PHP 5 OOP, MySQL, ActionScript 3, LAMP
  • Boost High

    Responsible for game server programming for an original video game developed for the US Army/Ad Council called Boost High. Custom Drupal Class Modules, CRON, Batching system for content, PHP 5 OOP, MySQL, AMFPHP, ActionScript 3, Drupal, LAMP
  • Earthquake Animation

    Maya, Photoshop and Physics
  • Invest Kurdistan

    IKI is a brokerage/investment company with offices in North America and Iraq. They provide consulting for every Industry. Through them the Iraqi government and Businesses will be connected to all the major Industries in the world. Adobe Illustrator
  • Red Brains vs Green Brains

    For this project I used a basic stamp, industrial color sensor and robotic voice module to create this work of art. It's was shown in NYC while I was heavily into mixed media, tangible computing and microprocessor programming.
  • Quarantine w/ Magick Temple

    Dynamic video using audio processing and openFrameworks. This was shown last year at the Parsons Alumni Exhibit.
  • Associate Assistant of Departmental Operations

    The Associate Assistant of Departmental Operation is a 3D virtual office environment that runs on a game engine with an office worker inside named Steve. The player can control Steve with a real Voodoo Doll and insert the pin into the doll to witness the effect on the screen.
  • Debt Genesis

    This project came into being while thinking about consumer culture and video games. People are always, like it or not, in fiscal competition with each other. I wanted to create a physical interface and game based on the data that people always have either in their back pocket or pocketbook. Sort of like a grownup version of the trading card game “Magic: The Gathering Trading”. Modern consumerism relies heavily on the use of technology and almost all transactions will be processed using this technology.

    The system does not store any information that it receives from the card readers. It only parses through this data then decides how powerful the card is. This is all done with my custom software for the microcontroller. The computer running the game never receives anything more then key commands from a high jacked gamepad. The users can swipe any type of card they want to like gym memberships, driver licenses, and any type of card with some numerical data stored on track two. The software then decides what actions to take in the game world.