Donnie Bugden


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Nick Fortugno, and I am writing you recommend Donald Bugden as a programmer. I’ve worked with Donnie as a freelancer for several years, and I have found him to be a loyal employee and a creative and talented programmer. I highly recommend him as a potential hire.

I run a games company called Playmatics, and we have worked with Donnie on several products periodically over the last three years. Donnie was called to work with us in a variety of capacities, from a front-end coder working on game interfaces and systems to a database programmer for a major free-to-play title to a PHP programmer for the back-end of educational game systems. In all of these assignments, I found Donnie to be a diligent and independently motivated developer. Donnie always showed a great deal of initiative in researching potential solutions in the marketplace and adaptability to different environments and architectures provided by clients. Donnie’s work as a PHP programmer was particularly notable, in that the project he worked on was constantly shifting due to client demands and in fact some of the partners we worked with had to be changed mid-stream. Donnie adapted to this changing landscape without complaint or hiccup, and managed to complete a robust and functional server system for our game under difficult constraints. This technical know-how and creativity is what marks Donnie as a talented programmer.

Donnie is also a wonderful employee. He takes pride in the projects he works on, and as a developer with a great deal of interactive design and game design training, he offers insightful contributions into the projects he’s a part of. He has an eye for quality in product that I respect in programmers, which I consider essential to being a good developer. Combined with the adaptability mentioned above, this trait makes Donnie a rare talent to work with: dedicated and meticulous enough to watch out for quality and good design, but flexible and diligent enough to make things work regardless when time or other constraints make the ideal an obstacle rather than a goal.

I’m conflicted writing this recommendation, because if I had a way to bring him on full time, I would hire Donnie again immediately. But as I don’t, I am happy to recommend him to you as a programmer. You will find Donnie to be a talented, creative, and loyal employee.

Sincerely, Nicholas Fortugno



"Donnie did a great job for us and was always competent, easy to work with, and creative.

Combio was a 'dotcom' startup with a rapidly changing environment and demands. Donnie did well in that environment and was able to manage his time and commitments well and pull off several key projects for us.

On the technical side Donnie was very capable with the web based projects we typically worked on and I have no doubt his skills and breadth have only increased with time. He is a dedicated technologist and one of those guys who chains himself to the desk."

Fred Covely
President/CTO at Grey Cloak Tech



I've worked a couple times with Donnie, first on creating a new logo for my consulting business then later further enhancing it. Words that best describe Donnie is enthusiastic creative and generous. He takes a huge interest in his clients work. Really truly trying to understand what you're all about. When I work with Donnie I get even more excited about what I do. Great collaborator. Awesome creative results. Super guy.

Daniel Doucette
Org Dynamics Advisor, Leadership Coach